Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Marvelous Mess #40 and Features!!!

You guys are totally awesome. It was such a great collection of unique ideas this past week....holidays are totally inspiring!! I'll be pinning plenty of your ideas, no doubt. 

Here are my fave's:
Wire Wrapped Tree Ornament from Lisa's Craft Blog. Love this in particular because I used a tree of life stamp on my wedding invitations about 10 years ago. :-)

Turkey Chalkboard from The Shady Porch. Caaaa-uuuute. 

Faux Snowballs from Lella Boutique. That sign and the wire basket are just perfect with the craft!!

and the project I'm going to feature on my sidebar is........

All is Gravy from Freaking Craft
SOOOOOO funny. And now I've got the song stuck in my head. :-) Which is a good thing, cause it's a great song. Thanks Freaking Craft for making my night. If you want to hear the song (or if there's a chance you've never heard this Simon and Garfunkle song) check it out HERE. Aw, it's so good.

Those I featured, feel free to grab my featured button:


Now, on to the party:


  1. Thanks for hosting the party...back to MY marvelous a new follower:)

  2. Thanks for hosting! I've added the Beer and Beef Crockpot.

  3. Thanks for hosting I'm Marvelously Messy! We just linked for the very first time! We are new followers. ~ Barbara and Alicia

  4. yay! thanks for featuring my printable. i'm glad it made you smile. and thanks for hosting!


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