Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Global Eyeglasses

There is nothing like becoming a librarian to make you appreciate the fact that you NEED GLASSES. Those barcodes on the books are so small and when you spend a lot of your day looking at them, you can really feel it in your vision. I've got a pair of glasses that are on the older side, back when my face was skinner....and is there nothing worse that putting on small glasses to make you really *feel* all that weight on your face. *Pout* I need a new pair. And, I should probably update my prescription while I'm at it. 

Global Eyeglasses is a site that offer prescription glasses at a fantastic price. Here's a pair that was only $6.95!!
Completely serviceable and stylish discount glasses can be found throughout the site. I've definitely shopped around my share of online glasses stores and this site offers just as many different options as the next. What I think is really fun is that they have a "virtual mirror" for you to try on glasses while shopping!! You can upload a photo or use your local webcam (though that process is still in it's beta phase). Then, you can fit the glasses onto your face!! Saves you time waiting for your turn at the eye doctors, for sure. 
Since I like to keep my privacy, Chloe offered to try some on for me....
They're a little big. 

I love the idea of shopping online for cheap eyeglasses. It is such a time saver and it gives you a lot of options in terms of style. Another plus for Global Eyeglasses is that they've got this great page detailing the type of frame to fit different shapes of faces....very handy.

Think about buying your glasses online. And, when you decide, go to Global Eyeglasses and use my 15% OFF discount code. Yahoo!!

Just type in marvelouslymessy15 when asked for a coupon code at the checkout. I tried it today and it worked just fine!!

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  1. Small framed glasses are coming back in fashion. Thanks.


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