Monday, March 26, 2012

Moving Here

Author: Joseph Sandoval
Moving here was the best decision I ever made because it forced me to really think outside the box and make something of myself. I’d been wanting to start my own business for years but I never had the push that made it happen so when I finally bit the bullet and opened the store I felt really good about where things were headed. Next year will be our second year in business and I’m happy about that – things are going well and I’ve been involved in every step of the way, from looking into Cockrell Hill Business Electricity Providers to hiring a graphic designer for the website to even painting the walls themselves! I’m just really happy things have worked out as well as they have and hope that it won’t take long for the rest of the community to jump on board. This is going to be a banner year for my company, I can feel it, and that’s what this was all about isn’t it? Who would have guessed I’d come this far.

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