Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Marvelous Mess: Dog Sledding!!!!!!!

We spent some time this afternoon dog sledding at the Arboretum in Augusta!!! It was a terrific event with inexpensive rides, a outdoor fire to warm yourself by, and lots of people passionate about one thing in particular: Sled Dogs. 

This is Lindy Howe, a Maine Guide and co-owner of Heywood Kennels in Augusta.
I introduced myself to her immediately (because I had been adoring her boots from afar.....Steger Mukluks .....I own a pair as well, but hers are just *gorgeous*). I got to learn a bit about her kennel and just get a sense for her. Now, there is a woman who really knows about, and is passionate about her dogs. 
Heywood Kennels offers Sled Dog adventures and they sound fantastic. You can find Heywood Kennel on Facebook HERE.

There were so many people, young and old, waiting for a ride or watching the talented dogs do what they do best. When waiting for people to be loaded into the sled, some teams would howl impatiently.....these dogs just love to pull. We all laughed as a new team lead dog was switched in to relieve a tired out pup, and the energy with which the new blood ran was phenomenal. The sled raced up the hill. 

This white team was particularly noisy; they just wanted to RUN. 

Lindy gave them treats while people who getting on and off the sled. 

Pups that were being rested watched jealously as the teams flew around the field. 
We had so much fun. I totally recommend going to for a Dog Sled ride!!! Find Heywood Kennels on facebook and get a hold of Lindy if you're in the central Maine area. I even saw, as I searched their facebook page, pictures from a birthday party held at the wouldn't that be something???!!!!! What a cool way to celebrate. 

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  1. Hey! thanks for hosting the party! I'm having alot of fun checking out some of these great ideas! :) I love these linky parties,bBetter than Pinterest!

  2. Thanks for hosting this fabulous party. So many fab creative ideas!

    And dog-sledding....??? YES!

    hugs x

  3. Thank you very much for hosting this party! Come back later to enjoy what other participants have created! Have a nice day! Lorena


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