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Plant A Magical Fairy Garden

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Plant a Magical Fairy Garden and Watch it Thrive

Having a fairy garden is not a new phenomenon anymore. After the latest trend of bonsai plants, this is another fun garden trend that’s here to stay. It is now within a person’s reach to create a magical fairy garden without any difficulty. In no time at all you can create a magical and lovely fairy garden at your home.
By now you must be wondering, what exactly is a fairy garden and how is it connected to bonsai plants? Also, do fairy gardens have any connection with the much talked about miniature gardens as well? The answer is very simple: fairy gardens are very similar to miniature gardens, except fairy gardens are more vivid in appearance. With bonsai plants around, they make for a very breathtaking tiny landscape or garden, which can also be conveniently moved, redeveloped, enhanced or even gifted to someone. These convenient gardens are easy to move and take care of. However, just like everything else, you need to learn how to properly take care of this garden and also find excellent quality products to incorporate. Then you’ll be on your way to making a magical fairy garden.
How Do You Create a Fairy Garden?
There are many factors that should be considered during the design process for your fairy garden, but when you begin to create your garden you may find it to be very simple. You will discover that a lot of imagination combined with good efforts goes a long way in designing and developing an attractive fairy garden. In fact, the very first thing to remember is to utilize your creative imagination while keeping in mind the following steps:
·     While planning the design of a fairy garden, you must decide whether you’d like it to stay on a small piece of land permanently or make it movable in a tray or cylinder. That way you will know whether it can be moved or not.
·     Once the location and container is chosen, the fairy garden’s home needs to be prepared for planting and ready to be decorated by first filling it with fertile soil. If the plant is going to be placed in a tray prior to putting the soil into it, it is important to place a few stones around the drainage hole, so that the soil won’t come out of the tray due to excess water.
·     To give a beautiful aesthetic look, after the soil is placed into the container, the plants need to planted properly. After they are planted, they then need to be watered enough so that the soil will settle and the plants will begin to grow. Now filling your garden with whimsical decorations should be fairly simple.
·     Extra care must be taken when applying decorative items to your garden site because they must not get too much dirt or water upon them if they are made of wood.
Keep in mind that changing the overall look of a fairy garden every once in a while will keep the charm alive. Imagination, creativity and nature go hand-in-hand when it’s about fairy gardens so continue to dream up new ideas that will make your garden look its best.
About the Author: Corrine loves planting new gardens and a fairy garden sounds magical. She can’t wait to incorporate fairy houses for the garden and enjoy a magical retreat for both her and her children.

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