Thursday, August 15, 2013

Homemade Bird Feeder Craft

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Since our move I've decided that I want to focus on bringing some birds around our new place. We've put out a sock style finch feeder and I wanted to make another feeder for the birds. 
So, I looked around on the web.....
And, I thought about it a lot......

and, when I saw an empty plastic container, my brain finally made up it's mind. 

So, to make my bird feeder, you need:

~Large-ish soda bottle
~Round plastic container, with lid (I used an air dry clay container)
~Floral Wire
~Spray Paint (optional)
~Bird Seed

-Trim the base off the soda bottle and save it for later.
-Make two holes on opposite sides of the bottle near where the base was, using the drill, about one inch from the top. 
~Spray paint your plastic container, base and lid, if you'd like. 
-Now, take the base of your plastic container and drill two holes on opposite sides of it.
 -Line them up with the ones on the soda bottle, and using long pieces of floral wire, secure both sides to each other, tight enough so that it won't flip over in the breeze, but loose enough to open so that you can fill up the feeder when it needs it. 
-Have the wire come out the top and twist the two wires together, then make a loop and secure them tightly. 

-Use your scissors to trim some little holes in the outer edge of the lid, for irrigation. 
-Then, make four holes around the top of the soda bottle.

-Next, use the leftover base of the bottle and place it in the middle of the plastic lid. Make four holes that go through the lid and the bottle base.
-Use floral wire to attach the base, lid, and top of bottle together.....I can't really explain how I did it, and don't look too closely at my photo or you'll see that I did it kinda goofy. I bet you can do a better job. 

-Fill it up with bird seed and you've got a lovely Bird Feeder!!
Here it is in the three with my silver spoon chime craft....

And, a close-up of it.
I've made (as a kiddo craft) a different bird feeder, too.

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