Friday, October 4, 2013

Make A Halloween Witch Craft

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Here is a little treat for you..... 
I made my first Halloween Witch for my Etsy Shop and I'm going to show you how I did it!!

Here is what you need:
Black Roving
Peach Roving
Hair Color Roving
Green Roving
Brown Roving
Needle Felting Tool

Needle felting is just like sculpting. It's a total blast, but it is *not* for children..... these needle are huge an they are incredibly sharp. This craft if for ADULTS.

 ~To start, get a handful of black roving and wrap it around and around itself until it is a cylinder shape. Then use the tool to bind it together, making it kind-of candy corn shaped (tighter on the top, with a wide round base for balance). 

~Take two smaller bundles of roving and make some sleeves for the witch. Candy corn shaped again, and at the ends where the hands will be going you can use the tool to indent the a little bit. 

~Then, attach them to the rest of the outfit like this:

~Now, it's time for the head. Take a ball of peach roving and use the tool to make it head shaped. 

~Attach it onto the top of the black outfit.  

 ~Add some hair to it, leaving the face clear.

Now, you can get some green roving and make some little elf shaped shoes out of a wrapped cylinder of green roving. 

~Attach those to the bottom of the outfit, pointing out.  

 ~Out of just a little bit of roving, shape some mitten hands and attach them inside the Witch's sleeves.

~Then, you can start to work on the face. Make a small ball of peach roving for the nose and attach it to the face. Leave it kind of soft, as you can take some extra time with the tool to sculpt nostrils. 

~Next, gather up a ball of peach roving for each cheek and attach it. You can also pull out the chin to make it more pointy if the roving on the witch's face wasn't too worked. If it is, just get another bit of roving and sculpt it onto the chin. 

~We need the hat! Take some black roving and wrap it around into a cone shape. Then, with the tool, work it so that the tip is gradually pointy and that the base is wide.

~Attach it onto the head of the witch through the brim being careful not to bother any of the face. 

~Yeah, you just totally made a witch.

Now, if this looks like too much work.... feel free to go to my Etsy shop HERE and buy one that I made!!!!! 
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