Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Need The Best Lawn Service Around

This is a sponsored post written entirely by me. All opinions in it are my own.

You remember how I moved, right?

Well, since I moved we have been renting out our place. Everything is taken care of by the rentee..... except of course, the lawn.
For some reason, we take care of the lawn. It was my grand idea. I thought, "Hey, let's just do the lawn ourselves!" Then, I tried to follow through with it.... and it has been a complete flop.  Our lawnmower is in terrible condition. It came with the house when we bought it and has been fixed numerous times. It just isn't getting any better. I feel like I'm riding on a broken tin trampoline. We feel (and hear) the effects of every bump on this mower. Soon, the leaves will be falling and we use the mower to mulch the leaves instead of gathering them up, as it's so much better for the ground (it's like making a little compost). Also, Martha Stewart told me to take care of the leaves that way. Okay, her magazine did. The problem with all that is that this mower isn't going to be able to do that!!!!

I've tried borrowing other mowers.

Remember how that turned out?

Not so well. 

Our old lawnmower went back in the shop this week and just came out today.....but traveling the distance to get to the place without the guarantee of a lawn mower that will actually mow makes it a bit daunting. We're honestly thinking it's time to hire someone who can take care of our lawn, not just the grass, but the perennials and even the outdoor water features. Now that we are renting, it really matters to us that the house looks and stays in good shape. We need to find some Lawn Connections. 

To really fix our lawn, it would be nice to work on the stone wall up front. We have a half built stone wall (I suspect it used to be a full wall, as the land was farmed for a couple hundred years, but it was taken apart) that would look lovely finished. The stonewall is in the shade, so we have some hosta's along it, but I was thinking about adding something in between each of them. Astilbe is a shade plant (I believe) that might look good. Or, daffodils..... someone told me once to plant daffodils next to hostas because they bloom first but then look kind of yucky once they are done blooming and it is then that the hosta grows big enough and covers up the daffodil leaves. 

Of course, I live in the North East. All of my choices in plants and the hows and whens of landscaping depend on the weather. If I lived in a place like Southlake Texas, my hostas would always be full. I do envy the foliage of sub tropical zones. Then again, I love the season up here. As I said earlier, the leaves are just now changing:

And, it's time for apple picking:

I love our seasons up here. I've lived out west before and it was nice.....but I missed all of the green and all of the water. When you're out west they say "river" and it looks like is a small stream. I'm used to rivers that are much bigger than that. And, that is what I could never get used to; the lack of green and blue colors around me. So, we moved back to Maine and eventually bought a house. And now I have to take care of it (even though I don't live there)..... I think it is time to find someone to take care of our lawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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