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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kiddo Craft-o's: Shaving Cream

Ever done any marbelizing with shaving cream?? This craft is a blast for kiddo's. Here's what you need:

Shaving Cream
Disposable aluminum pans
Food coloring
craft sticks
straight piece of card board
Sheet of Aluminum foil (bigger than the piece of paper)
plain white paper

~Cut paper to a size small enough to fit into the pan.
~Lay out the sheet of aluminum foil
~Fill the pan with shaving cream and smooth it out flat with the spoon. 
~Drop several different colored drops of food coloring onto the cream (you need only 2 or 3 drops per color).
~Using the craft sticks, swirl around the shaving cream until you make a pattern that you like.
~Press the paper (lightly) down onto the color pattern and leave it there for 10 seconds.
~Pull the paper off and set it down on the sheet of aluminum foil, shaving cream side up.
~Use the cardboard to scrape the remaining shaving cream off the paper and either save it for further use or toss it, mood depending. :-) 
~The marbelized cream should last at least 4 or 5 times, then you'll either want to add more drops or get new cream.
**My most important tip for this craft is to make sure the children understand that they are playing with Shaving Cream and NOT Whipped Cream. :-) 
**I used some Neon food coloring I found at Hannaford....never seen it before but the kiddo's loved the colors!!

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