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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunflower Wallflower

Here's the latest craft!!  I made this in the span of time it took to watch a movie. Quick and simple is the way to go, right?? Well, it's the way I like to go....otherwise I stay up all night 'cause I can't set the project down. :-) I love the way these flowers can lighten up a whole room in the house.

For this project you need:

Styrofoam circles
Wooden Popsicle sticks
Exacto Tool

See what I mean? REALLY simple. 

~Paint the popsicle sticks a sunflowery color....I used a variety of colors because I like the darker-at-the- center, deep orange toned flowers. Let them dry.
~Using an exacto, make a slice all the way around the edge of the styrofoam circle, pointing it in towards the center. This is where you're going to be putting your popsicle sticks. 
~Paint the styrofoam for the seeded, darker area. Let dry.
~Push the painted wooden petals into the slice you made and place them evenly around the entire circle. 
Taaaa DAAAA!!

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