Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pennsylvania Dutch Spring Tulip

So, I have this little passion for Antiques Roadshow. Ever watch it?? It's on PBS. I just love all the different pieces of furniture and how they teach you so much about each one. The other night I was watching it online and a man brought it a Pennsylvania Dutch hope chest with the most gorgeous stencils on the sides:

And, I knew I was going to use those stencils for something. 
It turned out to be something really simple. 
I used a robins egg blue background with a light rose chiffon color for the stencil. I didn't actually stencil it....I just free-handed it. 
It's going to be a part of my Spring Decor. 

It definitely brightens up a room!!

I used the same pieces of plywood for this projet that I used for my Apple Blossom and Rooster and Hen painting wood crafts.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Marvelous Mess #52 and Features!!!

I love seeing those spring posts linked up in the party!! It's so inspiring....lets hope Nature takes the cue too, huh? :-) I'm ready for warmer weather. 

Here are my fave's from last week:

Cultured Honey Mustard Dressing from Natural Health And Prevention

And, the post I'm going to feature on my sidebar is....

Necklace from Todd & Lindsey

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Recipes on TV

Contribution by Saul Martin
I don’t know what we used to do before we got our cable television from Direct TV Round Rock. I know I spent a lot of boring nights while my husband travels for his job. I convinced him I needed something to do so he signed us up. One of my favorite channels to watch is The Food Network. You can get so many great ideas of things to cook if you just tune in. They have people with regular show on that network that cook all types of food. They have people that like to show you how to cook Italian, Mexican, and even Southern cuisine. It always makes me so hungry to watch them making all that really good food. If I like a recipe that someone is making, I try to write down as much as I can about the ingredients and the directions for putting them all together. But sometimes I get distracted and miss parts. I don’t worry too much about that though because I can always go on the internet to The Food Network online and usually look up the show. Then it will list all the different recipes that they have had on all the different shows for the week. I think that is so neat that you can do that. We didn’t have anything like that when I was growing up.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Princess Crown

Ever since my families trip to LA I have been wanting to make a crown like this. When we were on vacation, we went to Medieval Times and watched some really fun horsemanship and chivalry. The only thing that wasn't chivalrous about Medieval Times was the prices. Of everything. It was ridiculous. I saw some beaded crowns, just like the one above, for $40!! I decided then and there that I could make one of those for a lot cheaper than that. 

If you want to make one, you'll need:
Jewelry Wire
Hot Glue Feathers

~Take a piece of wire and put beads on it, securing the end by folding it over (make sure you leave some length at the end to tie the two ends together. This piece will form the circle that fits on top of the munchkins head that you're making it be sure to measure it correctly. 
~Twist the two ends of the circular piece together and fold them in on themselves, into a bead so they won't scratch. 
~Get a much longer piece of wire and begin by wrapping one end of the metal around the circle. Start adding beads.....periodically twisting the wire around the circle, making v shapes like this:
~Carry on this way around the entire edge of the circle and you've got the shape of the crown.
~Lastly, add some feathers around a focal point with hot glue:
Easy enough, right?? 
This is such a sweet gift for a munchkin who like to use their imagination. 

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A Marvelous Mess #51 and Features!!!

Hi folks!!
Another late start to the party.
I got wrapped up in a craft and just didn't want to leave it!! Do you ever feel that way??
Well, with the late start and all, I think I'll get right to my feature:
Amish Friendship Bread by The Foreign Domestic

Have you ever had that bread before?? Not only is it delicious, it is really fun to share it with family and friends. I'm going to Pin this and make a batch myself.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Alphabet Trip to the Limerick Zoo Review

Since the next Holiday on our list is St. Patty's is a review for a very cute illustrated ebook of limericks called An Alphabet Trip to the Limerick Zoo by Jeanette Ramirez and the AIC College of Deisgn.

The author takes us through the entire alphabet, limerick by limerick and picture by picture. The rhymes are engaging and unique and the images are lively and colorful, easily appealing to a young audience.  I am a huge fan of the use of limericks....they are one form of poetry that I feel has a beat you can miss and makes you want to read it to feel it and share it too. I've read many books of poems to my Munchkin and the interest usually wanes within a couple of pages.....not with this ebook!! We read the whole things from front to back in one sitting!! 

There are a few different options for buying this book: download it from the site onto your nook, kindle, or tablet or you can print it out and put it in a binder. Right now, for $9.99, the book is available as well as a companion coloring book!! 

Here is a Sample Illustration:

And the limerick that goes with it:
I just love that rhythm.

Here's a you tube video (that also discusses the option of being an affiliate)

This book is a great option for home schoolers, schools, teacher resources, or just a chance to teach your child more about poetry. The poems will inspire and the art will do the same....which is great because a coloring book come with it. I am totally pleased with my copy of this fun ebook. I think you ought to give it a try!!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Co Worker

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

There is this lady that I work with who is always complaining about something. If she is not complaining about her physical ailment of the week, she is complaining about her husband. She is always upset about something in her life. I try my best to give her a good word of encouragement when I can. Most of the time, she just wants the attention. I tell her that I hope she gets to feeling better when it is something about her health. Now when it comes to her husband, the only thing I can tell her is that nobody’s husband is perfect. I know mine certainly is not. Sometimes she is complaining about the brand of coffee she buys. I don’t drink coffee so I definitely cannot help her in that area. Her topic this week was her cable TV service. I told her about our service we get at home and everything they offer at direct tv promotions. At least that was one thing that would keep her quiet for a while. You know some people cannot be happy no matter how much advice or attention you give them. Hopefully I will get moved to my new position soon and won’t have to deal with her anymore.

Anniversary Photos

Just made these quick photo displays for my Hubby for Valentine's Day (also our engagement anniversary). So very easy and I think they look really stylish. I'm going to make a whole bunch of them to display on top of our piano. The two photos above are from our wedding; on the left, a vintage mason jar votive

To make these you need:

Flat pieces of Wood
Mod Podge
Black and white photo on printer paper
White Paint
~Take your wood and paint it entirely with the white paint.
~Find an image you would like to use and print it in black and white on regular printer paper.
~Trim the image to fit the wood, and mod podge the image onto the wood.
~Once dry, scrape the sandpaper along the edge of the wood and the edge of the photo as well.

Ta Daa!!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Marvelous Mess #50 and Window Hearts and Features!!!

I've got a last minute Valentine's craft for you and your kiddo's to try!! 
It's pretty simple and looks so pretty in the window!! 
I saw these at this site, though they used contact paper instead of wax paper and glue. 

For these Window Hearts you need:
Wax Paper
Tissue paper

~Take your cardstock and trim out an outline of a heart.
~Hot Glue the outline of the heart to wax paper and trim it out:
~Flip it over.
~Take some tissue paper, trimmed or torn into pieces and begin glueing them to the back of the heart.
~Cover the whole thing.
~Wait for it to dry then pop it up in the window!! It looks so pretty!!

Not bad, eh?
You guys linked up some awesome projects this past week.

Valentine Hat from A Little Bit of Everything

And, the project I'm going to feature on my sidebar is....
Shabby Chic Valentine Cards from Paperlicious Designs

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kidlandia Free Online Game

Kidlandia is offering a free interactive game for children on their site!!

If you don't know Kidlandia, they are the most fantastic site for making personalized gifts that are creative and interesting for your children. You can find maps, cups, pillow cases, placemats and so many more items to personalize for your child. We currently own a poster for the wall and a placemat, both products are maps....the poster is of the United States and the placemat is of the world. We have loved both products....not only because they are unique but because they teach at the same time.
Kidlandia is taking "personalization" to a new you can create a land AND play within in boundaries online!! 

They've created an imaginary world that is inhabited by lots of little animals (they call them Kreechurs). By using money (Kaploons....which you earn by participating in some educational games), you can fill your own personal land with kreechurs, homes, plants, and your very own Popkin (the kreechur that represents you). You can dress the Popkin in many styles:

And, you can organize the Kreechurs all over the land:

The kreechurs are really cool. And, they came with their own stories....not only can you read their story, you can add to it. This is my favorite part of this game. Being able to add to the stories and histories of the land gives the person on the game a feeling of ownership and something to be proud of!!!!

You can buy eggs to hatch Kreechurs out of. And, sometimes your kreechurs lay eggs that you can collect. You take good care of the eggs by giving them warm sunshine and kisses:

It's such an adorable game. And, it is definitely educational. I think you can your family should check it out!! You are going to love it!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Valentine for You: New Glasses!!!!!

One of my sponsors, Global Eyeglasses, is offering an awesome deal for Valentines Day.....

Buy One Get One

You've got to go check out their prescription glasses. Incredible prices on top of a great sale equals major savings for you. 

While you are shopping for your discount glasses be sure to look at the help page on figuring out frame size. They have a simple way to find your frame size so that, as you shop you can be looking for the best fit. 

Pretty important stuff, really. You wouldn't want to have very small frames show up and it just so happens that you need large ones. I always find myself a little shocked when I try on a pair of glasses that have such small frames. Some people are just kinda puny, I guess (not Amazonian like me)!!!!!

Global Eyeglasses has a great variety of lenses and frames, from single vision to progressive and everything in between. They also offer prescription Sunglasses....and I'll tell you what, I'm already planning on April vacation....and I am going to need some sunglasses for it. Yahoo!!!!!!!

So, are you going to go check out Global Eyeglasses or what?!?! 

Don't go into the store to buy your glasses, go online and get a really good deal!!!!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Marvelous Mess #49 and Features!!!

I'm currently wrapped up in the Superbowl so I'm going to get right to the features for the week:
Mini Stuffed French Toast from Will Cook For Smiles

Delicious!! I'm really excited to give these a try!!!!!
Don't forget to check out my Valentine's Day ideas!!! 
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Friday, February 3, 2012

My Memories Suite Giveaway!!!!

Oooo....I've got a great giveaway for all you crafty folks out there. Especially those of you who like working with paper in any way shape or form. My Memories is a scrapbooking site that offers so many products and so much information for those of you who enjoy scrapbooking. Here's a small list of what you can find on their site:

Digital Scrapbooking Kits and Downloads
Album Templates
Design Club

I got the chance to review the newest in scrapbooking software....the My Memories Suite. I've already used it in my new job as a librarian to make a poster about a reading contest. The images and backgrounds built into the program are incredibly nice and I found the software fairly easy to use. I don't do much in the way of scrapbooking myself, only because I've never tried it. This Suite can be used for more than just scrapbooking!! It's perfect for crafting in general. You can make and print so many different images to use in framing, decoupage, gift tags, etc. 

The are many option for layouts and backgrounds. Take a look at this funky chevron:

The whole program is laid out very simply. Design your own page or choose from the prepackaged ones:
I'm totally excited to wander around some more on this program. Here is what I made in minutes for my job:
Pretty simple, right? I love the font and the image of the notebook.

If you don't find a background or layout you are looking for on the Suite, you can just skip right over to the website and download it there:

It's such a fun site. You're going to love it!!!! If you should decide you'd like to buy the software for yourself, use this code: STMMMS7470
and you'll get $10 off the My Memoires Suite V3!!!!

So, wanna win the My Memories Suit for yourself??

Here's how to do it (leave a comment for *each* entry type):
~Go to My Memories and tell me which Scrapbooking Kit is your favorite. (1 Comment)
~Follow My Memories on Twitter. (1 Comment)
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This contest will end on the 12 of February at 11:59EST.

In return for an honest review, I received a My Memoires Digital Suite. I am also an affiliate of the company: product bought through a link on my site will benefit me monetarily.